Four Ideas of Sport Room Decor to Make a Special Room

There is no harm alter a room as a sport room for your beloved team. This is to respect your team and you can decorate it with various accessories or knick-knacks. You can also make it as sport room decor and store all your collections. How to make sport room ideas that you want?

1. For the wall color, try taking the idea from your favorite team color. Besides give color, it never hurts for trying to install your favorite players as wall mural or team logo wallpaper. Try to get some references through internet or you can visit the official site selling accessories and knick-knacks of your team.

sport room decor

2. Bring a touch of history in the room. Make a clipping about team history, start from the best season, best players, stadiums and so forth. Collect the pieces of a magazine or newspaper about your team. Or, try to find all news and articles on internet and then print it. Put the important news in a frame and hang on the wall. You can decorate the walls with posters.

sport room decor

You could hang a jersey or memorabilia such as sports equipment that has been signed from your favorite players. Some people also like to collect tickets and you can save it into a frame and hang on the wall.

3. In order for the room look more lively, change curtains and put carpet related to your team. You can get it via the internet and shop online.

sport room decor

4. Put furniture in the room such as TV, DVD, coffee table and sofa. Prepare DVD box to store all games collection and players profile. That’s one of sport room decor to shows who you really are.

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