Simple Kitchen Plan: 4 Ideas before Start Your Plan

Kitchen is a room where you can pour your creativity to make cook. Make kitchen into a fun and exciting atmosphere, as the first step you can make simple kitchen plan. Before making or preparing simple kitchen plan, there are some things to consider like size and kitchen shape.

simple kitchen plan

After knowing these two things then you can apply 4 ideas that became part of simple kitchen plan.

1. The first idea could be applied is galley kitchen. Typically, classic house has a kitchen with galley concept. If you have small kitchen, galley concept is the best choice. This idea has some flaws and you can’t create dining space inside kitchen.

2. L-Shape is one of attractive because has classic and natural designs. This concept allows you to put an island inside kitchen. Interested to creating simple kitchen plan with L-Shape concept?

3. Kitchen which has 3 walls and often referred as U-Shape. Maybe almost every house has a kitchen with three walls concept. U-Shape doesn’t fit for small kitchen, so don’t put too much furniture. U-Shape can also be placed with island with medium size to enhance your decor.

4. If you have many family members and hobby to make creative dishes, then you need to use dual workstation concept. However, you must have large kitchen that doesn’t seem cramped.

That’s 4 concepts of simple kitchen plan. Interested?

Don’t forget to learn simple kitchen decor to add creations.

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